About Me

About the Site:

I love food. I really, really do. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just go eating anything and everything. I fuel my body with clean, healthy foods that taste good.

Eating clean does not mean foregoing taste. I strongly feel that cooking and eating should be enjoyed, and yes, this includes desserts (lots of them).

Taking this approach makes being healthy easy. When you eat the right foods, you feel good. You look good. You have more energy. You feel plenty full, and there’s never a reason to feel guilty.

This site is about taking the foods that our bodies need and making sure that they taste amazing. These recipes will leave you so satisfied that the “just-in-case” candy drawer becomes a thing of the past.

A Little About Me:

On a personal level, I started this blog as a sort of creative outlet. I’m a lawyer, and it’s no secret that the legal field can be pretty dry, black and white. I need lots of color in my day-to-day. So baking, cooking, and sharing a little bit of my life with you guys helps to balance out the monotony. It also makes me very happy, and that’s what it’s really all about, right?

Some generics about me: I also love working out, yoga, being outside, reading, animals and crafting. I have amazing family and friends and I really love life.  =)


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